2502s LRCS Slave Zone Repeater

Capable of monitoring up to 64 wireless callpoints

2502m LRCS Master Zone Repeater

Receives wireless signals from up to 3000 callpoint transmitters from up to 48 Slave Zone Repeaters & connects with a PC using 2509 LRCS Database Software.

2509 LRCS Database Software

Connects to LRCS Master Zone Repeater. Displays alarm call information & location. Logs all events into database.

2719 Cordless Pad Transmitter

For use with cura1 Cordless Pads and Monitors. No more cords between monitor and pads.

2629 Cordless Bed Pad

Raise an alarm when someone gets out of bed. Use with 2719 Cordless Pad Transmitter. Easy to clean non-allergenic soft PVC.

2630 Cordless Chair Pad

Raise an alarm when someone gets off their chair. Guaranteed 1 year warranty. Use with 2719 Cordless Pad Transmitter

3515 Cordless Under Mattress Bed Pad

Fits onto the centre panel of most care beds (under the mattress) for completely non-intrusive bed monitoring. Use with a 2719 Cordless Pad Transmitter.