2702 3 Channel Cordless Falls Monitor

Combining the most essential features of the 2700 but with greater economy and simplicity while still maintaining professional standards. Ideal for home care or caring for a single patient.

3508 LED Pager

Monitor up to 3 cordless devices. Ideal for home care. Auto-reset when paired with a 2719 transmitter.

2670 Cordless PreAlert Bed Pad

Smarter than conventional bed pads. It gives an early warning when a patient or resident sits or rolls to the edge of the bed, providing a caregiver more time to prevent a potential fall. In addition the pad has a delay zone in the centre ...

2719 Cordless Pad Transmitter

For use with cura1 Cordless Pads and Monitors. No more cords between monitor and pads.

2630 Cordless Chair Pad

Raise an alarm when someone gets off their chair. Guaranteed 1 year warranty. Use with 2719 Cordless Pad Transmitter

2629 Cordless Bed Pad

Raise an alarm when someone gets out of bed. Use with 2719 Cordless Pad Transmitter. Easy to clean non-allergenic soft PVC.

2624 Cordless Floor Mat

Raise an alarm when the mat is stepped on. Use with 2719 Cordless Pad Transmitter. Made from heavy-duty non-slip material.

3502 Wireless Handset with Reset

Wireless patient handset with call & cancel buttons and reassurance LED. Works with nurse call (if used with a compatible cura1 receiver) or direct to a pager.

2588 Personal Emergency Transmitter (PET)

A low-cost panic button with lanyard and a large rubber button for ease of use.

2599 Wireless SOS Call Button

Used in homes, companies, shopping malls, hospitals, independent living, banks and other places that need to observe security or emergency precautions.

2558 Wireless Waterproof Call Button with Reset

Wireless emergency call point with integrated reset button for use with StaffAlert system and the ActiveCare range. Water resistant. Easy installation and simple operation.

3503 Wireless Door Contact

Detects when a door or window has been opened and sends a wireless signal to a receiver unit. Perfect for anti-wandering systems.

2721 iBeam

Its narrow detection field and portability makes the 2721 iBeam one of our most versatile and popular devices in busy aged care facilities and at home. It can be installed wherever you need to monitor for movement.

2723 EzyStand

Height adjustable stand for the 2721 iBeam.

4024 Wireless Pager Kit

When mobility is restricted, a push button paging system preserves independence and privacy while staying secure. Ideal for independent living and residential care.