2700 Six Channel Cordless Falls Monitor

No more cords between monitor and pads. Can be used with up to six Cordless pads, mats or other triggering devices and one corded (Premium) device.


  • Modern ergonomic design
  • Monitor up to 7 devices simultaneously - a single Premium pad / mat and up to 6 Cordless devices.
  • The 2700 comes with batteries, durable ABS plastic enclosure and Caregiver Reset Key
  • Alarm memory and auto re-arm
  • Amber LED visual alarm indicator
  • Caregiver secure reset option
  • Battery operated or optional external plug pack
  • Up to 6 months battery life (nominal)
  • Easy to access battery compartment
  • Can be connected to a nurse call system
  • 3 selectable alarm tones
  • Easy thumbwheel adjustable alarm volume
  • “Pause” feature allows a caregiver to attend to the patient without setting the alarm off
  • Fault supervision for pressure pads (low battery, device lost)
  • Alerts for lost nurse call connection, lost AC power supply & low battery

Safety Features

  • Non resettable “Pad Signal Lost” warning
  • Caregiver secure reset option
  • All safety alerts sound even if alarm volume set to silent, including low battery, AC lost, pad signal lost, change pad (SafeTime) & nurse call lost
  • Cable strain relief & breakaway cord technology prevents damage & helps reduce risk of entanglement when used with Premium Pads & Mats

Technical Specifications

  • DC operation using either a 3 x AA batteries (included) or 6 V plug pack
  • Dimensions 120 x 77 x 40 mm
  • Weight 150 g without batteries
  • 30-50 m* range when used with cordless bed pads and chair pads
  • Fully user programmable
  • Operating temperature 5 - 40° C, relative humidity < 85%
  • 3 selectable alarm tones
  • Operating frequency 433 Mhz fully supervised
  • Volt free normally open relay contact alarm output
  • RJ10 type socket for optional wired bed / chair pad or floor mat connection
  • Low battery detection
  • Missing AC / DC power supply detection and indication

* Dependent on your specific environmental conditions.




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