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Salcom is a designer and manufacturer of innovative communication systems that are sold globally to help keep systems running, people connected and communities safe.

In situations where wireless communications can overcome the high cost and often the impracticality of installing “fully wired” connections, Salcom excels at providing solutions for telemetry or message based communication..


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WiPath Communications is a specialized developer & manufacturer of innovative electronic messaging equipment including wireless messaging and paging products that are marketed globally and LED signage solutions sold primarily in Australia, New Zealand and North America. The company commenced business in 1993 and now has operations in four countries: Australia, New Zealand, USA and China.

WiPath provides you with the products you need to deploy and manage intelligent messaging and electronic signage systems utilizing several different wireless communications technologies and LED display solutions. Whether you are a commercial or government organization the efficiency gains and improvements in service as a result of implementing WiPath solutions will enable you to provide better service to your own customers at a lower cost.

“cura” – latin word meaning “care”